Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan


The MoveMobility Rear Entry Dodge Caravan enables you and your family to travel with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. The Rear Entry conversion for the Dodge Grand Caravan is an economically friendly solution for a wheelchair accessible family van. This option is typically recommended for personal use as it can provide savings of at least $15,000 when compared to a standard Side Entry van. MoveMobility's Rear Entry conversion provides flexible seating options that will meet your family's requirements, whether it be for young or elderly passengers.

Not sure whether a Rear or Side Entry van will be best for you? Call MoveMobility at 888-657-4010 and our experienced Mobility Consultants will be happy to recommend a model based on your family's needs.


Passenger seating is available in two styles: Flip & Fold and Fixed. Flip & Fold seating allows two 2nd row seats to flip up to allow two standard sized wheelchairs to be secured in the vehicle. The Fixed seating configuration allows for one smaller wheelchair between the bucket seats and a second wheelchair behind. If having the wheelchair closer to the front of the vehicle is important to you, the Flip & Fold seating is a great option.

Seating Options for Dodge Grand Caravan with rear entry ramp


  • Lightweight manual rear ramp
  • No electrical shortages or untidy door cables
  • Easy to use: simply use the handle to pull out and lower the ramp
  • Spring tension system eliminates the stress of a heavy ramp
  • Integrated ramp handle, meaning no plastic handles to break
  • Non-slip flooring and finishing that withstands constant use
  • Specialized ramp coating for durability and traction
  • Exclusive ramp securement system with no rattling for a quiet ride
  • Conversion is available on new and pre-owned Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles
  • 91″ conversion length 
  • 31″ pan width 
  • 56″ entrance height
  • Your choice of electric or manual retracting Wheelchair Restraint Systems for easy operation
  • Multiple wheelchair positions for your family's needs - up to 2 wheelchairs
  • Optional 2-person 3rd Row Bench
  • Fully crash-tested and Transport Canada Approved


Considering a Rear Entry Van Conversion? We can help!

At MoveMobility, we understand that as a family or individual, you may be wondering if your van can be converted to transport a wheelchair. Minivans are the most commonly converted vehicles used to transport family members who use wheelchairs or mobility devices as they are a cost effective and flexible solution to suit a wide range of needs. Depending on the year, model, and mileage on the vehicle, we can convert pre-owned vehicles. If you have purchased a new van elsewhere, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist with the accessible conversion.

Find out if your van will work for a rear entry van conversion! Fill in the form at the top of the page to get started.

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