Non-EMS Patient Transfer Van


MoveMobility's Non-EMS Patient Transfer Van built on the Dodge Promaster is the ideal solution for stretcher and wheelchair transportation providers serving clients who do not require emergency personnel and resources. This innovative vehicle configuration allows for up to 4 wheelchairs, or 10 seated ambulatory passengers with easy access, flexible seating options, and a spacious interior to effortlessly serve passengers. The Non-EMS Patient Transfer vehicle is designed to accommodate stretchers, bariatric, and ambulatory passengers to allow emergency resources and personnel to work where they are more urgently needed.

Rear Manual Swing In/Out Ramp with Kneel-Down Suspension

The Dodge Promaster with the rear manual ramp is simple to operate and maintain without a hydraulic lift. The innovative kneel-down hydraulic suspension system allows for a 6:1 ramp incline and low loading height of 11 inches for added security and safety for your wheelchair passenger clients.

The 36" wide swing in/out ramp accommodates large wheelchairs and is lightweight and durable for constant use in transit fleets and medical transport applications.

Standard Height

Kneel-Down Suspension Height

Dodge Promaster Patient Transfer Van Dodge Promaster Patient Transfer Van

Contact our friendly Mobility Consultants to learn more about options for Non-Emergency Patient Transfer vehicles. Call us at 888-657-4010 or request more information using our Contact Us form.

  • Front-Wheel-Drive; excellent traction on ice and snow
  • D409 Compliant
  • 3.6 V6 Gasoline engine
  • Non-modified chassis for strength and durability
  • Stretcher and wheelchair compatible for multi-use non-EMS function
  • Bariatric compatible for 4 wheelchair passengers
  • Retracting wheelchair restraint system

Flexible Seating with AutoFloor.

Currently, most organizations are looking to transport their clients in full-sized vans. With MoveMobility’s flexible seating system, AutoFloor, your seating arrangements are no longer limited. You can configure the seats how you like, when you need.

AutoFloor allows for over 1,000 seating arrangements. Our removable seats are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. With the flip of a switch, they pop out of the floor and are ready to move within or out of the vehicle.

Contact MoveMobility today to find out how AutoFloor will benefit your organization's fleet.

Why Choose AutoFloor for Your Van?

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Complete flexibility in seating arrangements
  • Flexibility in lift/ramp placement
  • Flooring size can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Comfortable, lightweight and wipe-clean seating for easy maintenance
  • No lifting required - seats click in and out with a lever

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