MoveMobility Stretcher Medical Van


MoveMobility’s Stretcher Medical Vehicles allows you to provide non-emergency patient transfer services without using other resources where they are needed more urgently. The Medical Van is available in the Dodge Promaster and Dodge Grand Caravan. In many communities, emergency vehicles and ambulances must be used to transport patients for testing and other non-emergency activities. This means using valuable resources that are then unavailable for emergency situations. MoveMobility’s Stretcher Medical Vans offers you the ability to transfer patients using a stretcher and multiple wheelchairs with ease, while keeping fuel costs down and keeping emergency vehicles where they are needed most.

With MoveMobility’s Stretcher Medical Vans, an attendant can easily operate the optional electric winch to reduce bodily strain. The Dodge Caravan offers improved fuel economy over full-sized vehicles. The integrated restraint system makes it extremely simple for the attendant to safely secure patients.

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