Rear Entry Mercedes Metris


The Mercedes Metris van suits perfectly for private users and is ideal when operated as a multifunctional taxi. This van is known to live up to the wear-and-tear of constant use, with flexible seating options and wheelchair positions to meet the needs of every client.

The Metris allows for a very flexible configuration, with a 2nd-row bench and room for 2 folding seats in the rear, allowing you to transport up to 6 passengers, plus the driver. When a wheelchair passenger is transported, there is seating for up to 5 additional riders.


  • Conversion width: apx. 31.8″
  • Conversion Length: apx. 51.1″
  • Rear entrance height: apx. 59″
  • Interior rear height: apx. 57″
  • Optional EASYFLEX ramp folds down to make a usable luggage compartment and provides a footrest for passengers seated in the rear.
  • Optional FUTURESAFE head and backrest for extra support for wheelchair passengers.


Need A Rear-Entry Van Conversion Done? We Can Help!

At MoveMobility, we are here to help you have “Your Mobility, Your Way”. You may have your own vehicle that you love and you may be considering having a rear-entry van conversion done. Our most common conversion is on minivans, and you will often see minivans converted to wheelchair accessible vans. Depending on the year, model, and number of kilometers on your vehicle, we are able to do conversions on used vans. If you have purchased a new van elsewhere, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist!

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