Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan


The MoveMobility Rear Entry Dodge Caravan enables you to travel with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Our affordable minivans provide flexible seating options that will meet the need of every client. The Rear Entry conversion is very cost effective when compared to a Side Entry van, often $10,000 – $15,000 less than a standard manual or powered Side Entry van.

There are two seating options for the Rear Entry conversion. Flip & Fold seating allows the two 2nd-row seats to flip up to allow a standard sized wheelchair to be positioned in the 2nd row. With this configuration, up to two standard sized wheelchairs can be transported. The Fixed seating configuration can accommodate a small wheelchair between the seats (see diagrams below), with a second standard sized wheelchair behind. The Rear Entry model also allows for a 3rd row bench to be added, allowing you to carry up to 2 more passengers. Contact us by filling in the form on the right or give us as call for more information on the different seating configurations available!


  • Manual rear ramp, preventing electrical shortages and untidy door cables
  • Operation couldn’t be easier: simply use the handle to pull out and lower the ramp
  • Spring tension system eliminates the stress of a heavy ramp
  • 91″ conversion length (A)
  • 31″ pan width (B)
  • 23.5″ mid-row seating clearance (C)
  • 6″ pan width between 2 Flip & Fold mid-bucket seats (D)
  • 56″ entrance height


Need A Rear-Entry Van Conversion Done? We Can Help!

At MoveMobility, we are here to help you have “Your Mobility, Your Way”. You may have your own vehicle that you love and you may be considering having a rear-entry van conversion done. Our most common conversion is on minivans, and you will often see minivans converted to wheelchair accessible vans. Depending on the year, model, and number of kilometers on your vehicle, we are able to do conversions on used vans. If you have purchased a new van elsewhere, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist!

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