AS Link


The Link allows individuals with limited mobility to transfer from a standing or wheelchair position to a driver or passenger seat, by rotating and lowering the original seat out of the vehicle to the desired height. It also assists the user to stand with its lift-up feature, for users who prefer to stand when transferring.


  • No need to remove the original seat
  • Seat back reclines completely
  • Smooth, gentle travel
  • Simple mechanical design
  • Personalized seating position memory
  • Comfort, legroom, and rear seating is not reduced
  • User-controlled lift and tilt of seat
  • Heated seat feature retained in most models


  • 350 lbs capacity
  • Includes emergency back-up system
  • Uses power supplied by the vehicle
  • Foot rest as an additional option
  • Trim options: Black, Grey, Tan


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