aLuxe Mercedes Sprinter


The aLuxe Mercedes Sprinter delivers the beauty, performance and innovation of Mercedes Benz. Utilizing the safety and performance of the Mercedes Sprinter, the aLuxe Sprinter is ideal for Retirement Home communities and Transportation Providers that have built their brands around luxury. Every detail of the ClassAbility Coach exemplifies prestige and provides a world-class luxury experience.

Unparalleled Transportation.

Your clients will love the luxury and prestige they experience riding in the aLuxe Sprinter, and you will have peace of mind knowing that this van was designed with your clients’ safety and comfort at top of mind. Luxury class accessible vehicles are limited, and with an increased demand, the aLuxe Sprinter allows you to position your business for the future by offering an accessible service without sacrificing your corporate image.


  • Transports up to 16 passengers
  • Seating flexibility with AutoFloor
  • Multiple wheelchair positions
  • Electric opening passenger door
  • Panoramic view windows
  • Large, bolstered, removable leather seats
  • Full standing room with High Roof van
  • Fully LED-lit interior
  • Safety step stripping for passenger safety

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