Top Four Tips For Finding a Wheelchair Van That’s Right For You

It’s Your Van. Get The Most Out of It


When it comes to getting a wheelchair adapted vehicle that’s right for you, you deserve to be a little picky. Afterall, it’s your comfortable connection to all that Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the entirety of Canada have to offer. But, just how picky can you be when choosing a wheelchair van or wheelchair adapted vehicle that not only suits your needs, but gets you where you need to be in comfort and style?

When you choose MoveMobility, you’ll have plenty of wriggle room for choosing the van that’s just right for you. Why? Because MoveMobility knows you have many concerns and questions, and we offer a stock of new and new-to-you wheelchair vans that are sure to meet your needs and wants. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a brief, albeit informative, buyer’s guide for those looking for a new or pre-owned wheelchair van. Ready to learn more? Take a peek below for some helpful tips and hints for purchasing your next wheelchair van.


Tip Number Four: Get Your Budget Squared Away

As much as we’d all like that top-of-the-line, souped up wheelchair van that has all of the bells and whistles, it can sometimes be financially out of reach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a van that’s equally comfortable and right for you. Knowing how much you can feasibly spend may mean the difference between getting the van that’s right for your needs and unnecessarily getting yourself into debt for a vehicle that, while attractive, is priced beyond your budget.

Of course, new models are the most expensive. But that doesn’t mean all new models need to break the bank. Move Mobility offers numerous new model wheelchair vans that may well fit your price range, as well as a host of pre-owned vans that are sure to offer safety, security, and style. Whichever you prefer, Move Mobility has you covered with a generous listing of both new and new-to-you wheelchair vans.


Tip Number Three: Know Which Van is Right For You . . . or Don’t

It isn’t always easy to know just which wheelchair van is right for you and your needs. You know you’ll obviously want a reliable locking system and room, but do you know what else you might need (or won’t need)? That’s why it’s important to take the time to talk to a professional concerning wheelchair adaptive vehicles that best fit you and your needs. When you choose Move Mobility, you’ll receive seasoned advice that helps you decide which model (new or pre-owned) is right for you. No matter your questions (or lack thereof), our knowledgeable staff has the experience and know-how to lead you in the direction that’s right for you.


Tip Number Two: Is a Kneeling System Right For You?

Kneeling systems — the mechanism that lowers the wheelchair adapted vehicle for both rear- and side-entry — make entering and exiting your wheelchair van a breeze without the assistance of a caregiver. However, if you’re quite capable of independently getting in and out of your wheelchair van, a kneeling system may or may not be right for you. To best address your specific needs, Move Mobility offers both. When you come in or call, we’ll get you set up with an experienced representative who can help guide you through the process. But before you come in, it doesn’t hurt to check out our inventory of both pre-owned and new wheelchair adapted vehicles. Moreover, if you see one you like, you can always add the kneeling feature down the road. Obviously, this will be an (often expensive) additional cost, but it’s a great way to really make your van your van.


Tip Number One: Buy, Lease or Rent?

Often, those looking for wheelchair vans do so with the intention of buying and making them their own. However, if your current van isn’t exactly road ready (but it should be! Check out our helpful tips for keeping your van ready to tackle any distance you drive it) but you know you have a road trip coming up, then renting a van is probably right for you. This frees you of the time restraints for getting your van fixed and making it on the road in time. Moreover, renting gives you the option of test driving a model you might be considering buying.

But if you’re looking for a more concrete option, leasing can be a helpful alternative to buying or renting. The leasing partners with whom we are associated afford you the opportunity to own your vehicle at the end of your leasing agreement without the need for a residual buyout. Moreover, this option provides numerous benefits, including tax benefits, the option to defer PST, GST, and HST, and flexibility when it comes to customizing your suit, meaning payments can be structured in a way that assists you most. If leasing or renting a wheelchair van sounds like they might be best for you, check out the info found on their respective pages.


Get on the Road Today

Whether you plan to buy, lease, or rent your wheelchair van, MoveMobility has the knowledge, know-how, and industry expertise to get you on the road in no time. With an ever-evolving listing of new and pre-owned wheelchair adapted vans, we have a stock that’s sure to meet your unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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