A wheelchair van lease provides a great option for purchasing your vehicle. Unlike traditional leases, the leasing partners we are connected to provide the ability for you to own your vehicle at the end without a high residual buyout, kilometer or body damage restrictions. It would be like you owned the wheelchair van right from day one and you won’t have to dread the day your lease is up.

Why Do A Wheelchair Van Lease Instead of Finance?

  • Tax Benefits – Wheelchair van lease payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense. This is not the case with capital expenses done through financing.
  • Conserve Capital – Keep your money working for you, instead of tying up your financial resources in vehicles. Leases can be set up to represent a rental expense and kept off your company’s balance sheet, keeping your ratios in line with your bank.
  • Defer P.S.T, G.S.T & H.S.T – You don’t have to pay the taxes up front and pay interest on those taxes. Your taxes are only paid on the monthly lease amount, excluding any down payment you make.
  • Pay as You Profit – Pay for the van as it either earns or saves you money each month.
  • Flexibility – Payments can be customized to suit your needs. Payments can be broken up to weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
  • The 100% Lease – This means all costs included with leasing the wheelchair van (shipping, handling, training, etc) can all be included in the wheelchair van lease cost.

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Financing Options

Smaller payments allow you to own your wheelchair van sooner.

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3rd Party Options

Support comes in many forms. Find a 3rd party option for you.

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