3 Good Reasons Why Spring Is A Great Time To Buy A Rear Entry Van

Spring has finally arrived in Canada! Gone are the days of needing to drive through slushy, slippery streets, fight your way through ten foot snow banks and deal with the frigid cold. The snow is melted, the weather is getting warmer every single day and slowly, but surely, the leaves and grass are turning green. Wheelchair users are happy as … Read More

Review of the Amerivan Conversion

3 Conversion Options For The Amerivan Do you find yourself needing a side entry wheelchair van that won’t break the bank? Or what about finding a side entry van with outstanding quality? My guess is the answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES! Well…the good news is MoveMobility is now a dealer for El Dorado Mobility. We are … Read More

5 Misconceptions About Rear Entry Vans

Rear entry wheelchair vans can get a bad rap from the public. In our experience, this usually has to do with poor information being shared about them as well as the lack of information on the Internet about how great rear entry vans really are. As a local supplier of wheelchair vans in Winnipeg, we are dedicated to only providing quality … Read More

Vantage Mobility Side Entry Vans Review

Comparison of the Vantage Mobility Honda Odyssey & Toyota Sienna Side Entry Vans   When it comes to side entry vans, finding the right option to suit your needs can be a bit of challenge. Each wheelchair accessible van has it’s own advantages and drawbacks. Each conversion offers different features or the van offers something a bit different. Vantage Mobility … Read More

Rear Entry Vans vs Side Entry Vans: Pro’s & Con’s of Each Conversion

When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair van, there are several models and conversion styles to choose from. Rear entry wheelchair vans and side entry vans each have their own advantages and disadvantages. As the end user of the vehicle, it is important to know the differences between the types of conversions available and which conversion works best in your situation. … Read More

How To Decide On A Vehicle & Be Happy With Your Choice

When it comes time to deciding on a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a lot of thought and consideration needs to go into this decision. For most people, buying a wheelchair van is the second largest purchase they will make besides a home and definitely an important decision overall. A vehicle is something that is driven for anywhere between three and eight … Read More

Top Five Benefits To Choosing a Rear Entry Wheelchair Van

Thinking About A Rear Entry Wheelchair Van?   Choosing the right wheelchair van can be a challenge. If you have been debating between a side entry or rear entry wheelchair van for sometime, I wanted to help provide some reasons why people choose this type of conversion. Based on our years of providing vehicle solutions, here are the top five … Read More

9 Questions To Help You Decide On The Right Wheelchair Van

Choosing an entry method for your wheelchair van requires some thought and consideration. There are several questions to be answered to find the right fit. In the end, taking the time to answer these questions will make choosing the right wheelchair van easy and give you the peace of mind that you chose the right vehicle. #1 – Do you have … Read More