5 Tips To Decide Between a Full Size wheelchair Van & a Rear Entry Minivan

You have made the decision you need to purchase a wheelchair van but you find yourself debating which type of van is right for you. It might be a full size van or a rear entry minivan. Both vans look appealing but there are definitely questions running through your mind. Either one seems like a good option but you are unsure about … Read More

Review of the Amerivan Conversion

3 Conversion Options For The Amerivan Do you find yourself needing a side entry wheelchair van that won’t break the bank? Or what about finding a side entry van with outstanding quality? My guess is the answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES! Well…the good news is MoveMobility is now a dealer for El Dorado Mobility. We are … Read More

5 Misconceptions About Rear Entry Vans

Rear entry wheelchair vans can get a bad rap from the public. In our experience, this usually has to do with poor information being shared about them as well as the lack of information on the Internet about how great rear entry vans really are. As a local supplier of wheelchair vans in Winnipeg, we are dedicated to only providing quality … Read More